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Choose French Doors For Your Home And Watch Your Neighbors Admire With Envy

Everywhere you go people stop and take a second admiring glance at well designed french doors and windows. Their simple elegance and beauty can enhance any home whether modern, historic or somewhere in between. They provide a certain je ne se qua people find so appealing making them a desirable addition when replacements are required for your home.

French Patio Doors

If you have a garden, yard or access to a patio then fitting a french patio door is a good choice. With strong security locking, robust hardware and handles suitable for use in extreme temperature ranges these doors are very reliable and require little maintenance. They are often fitted with tempered glass allowing light into your home and the frames can be made from wood, aluminium, steel or UPVC. These modern french patio doors are designed in accordance with the latest energy efficiency standards helping to keep your home warm even during the coldest of days.

Interior French Doors

If you need to replace the interior doors in your home and want to stand out from the crowd by fitting something different, then consider installing interior french doors. They are very flexible in design allowing many different looks to be created by using one of more panel to provide privacy to areas in your home, but allowing easy access at the same time. Homes having limited space can benefit by fitting french sliding, folding or bifold doors instead of standard hinged interior doors.

Exterior French Doors

The key benefit to installing exterior french doors is their ability to keep your home secure and well insulated at the same time. New glass coatings and weatherstripping eliminate most of the drafts and you can save money on your energy bills at the same time. Security is enhanced as manufacturers are now fitting a special type of laminated glass into their french doors making it more difficult for intruders to gain access to your home. Exterior doors tend to be manufactured from stronger materials including solid wood, fiberglass, composite, steel and UPVC. Exterior fire doors are often fitted in homes to prevent fire getting into your house.

UPVC French Doors

UPVC french doors and windows are now more popular than ever. White is the most popular color but, as the demand has increased white profiles are now being manufactured with rosewood, light oak, mahogany and woodgrain finishes. This very durable upvc plastic finish is suitable for both interior and exterior french doors. The plastic coating covers a very strong steel frame allowing multi-point locking to provide a high level of security for your exterior patio, entry, back, front and garage doors.

Wooden French Doors

Interior wooden french doors for you kitchen, lounge, bedroom, dining, bedroom or bathroom are very popular as they add elegance and style to any home. You can choose from different styles and designs including sliding, folding, double, stable and bifold. To compliment these wooden doors you will find a huge range of hardware and handles available to coordinate with your existing color schemes.

French Sliding Doors

French sliding doors are so good at saving space in your home. It is perfect indoors if you want to separate two rooms, but at the same time make it easy to travel between the rooms frequently without having to manoever past a fixed door. Even better, when you use a sliding door on an external entrance you don't have to concern yourself with the space needed for the doors to swing out into. This is very helpful if you live in an area where high winds catch at your door each time you open it.

Bifold French Doors

Bifold french doors are also great space savers. Exterior and interior versions are available. Made up from a number of panels these systems are very functional and are often considered to be more flexible than sliding doors. Manufactured in wood, composite, metal, aluminium or aluminium clad these products come in many different styles and designs. Their glass can be selected from tinted, frosted, clear, double glazed or white coated. Bifold french doors work very well as space savers in the kitchen and bathroom especially if the space is tight.

Custom French Doors

Fitting custom french doors is a really nice way to update the appearance of your home. They come in two, three, four or more panels fitted either solid or with glass inserts providing a wide choice to satisfy even the most discerning buyer. Custom doors can often be fitted for under $1,000.00 for most door locations and are available in fixed, sliding, bifold, double, or a combination of these styles. Custom doors are great for positions in old houses where standard doors are not available, especially areas you need to enclose that did not previously have a door.

Double French Door

Double french doors are very popular as exterior access out to the garden, deck or patio. They add a touch of elegance to your house and are very easy to operate. They look really attractive when the two opening doors have fixed panels at each side. Fitted with double glazed glass and with frames in wood, aluminium, UPVC and composite they come in a range in prices where standard panels will cost around $230 to $310 on average.

There is a wide range of french doors available to purchase online. It helps to go and visit your local supplier to find out how good they are before purchasing. It may be that it is cheaper to buy them online, but it you buy direct from the manufacturers they often have a discount scheme available based upon quantity and price. Before buying your doors always double check your measurements to be sure the french doors you buy are suitable for fitting into the spaces available, or into the existing frames holding the old doors.

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Utilise Your Garden More Often With French Doors

By Scott A Wells
The garden is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the best of the weather when the sun is shining. You can sit back on your favourite lounger and enjoy watching your plants grow, play a game of football with the kids or invite friends round for a traditional barbecue and catch up on things. Ease of access into the garden is very important if you want to use the garden more often and the ideal way of linking your indoor living area to the garden out the back is by installing French doors.

French Style UPVC Doors For Your Patio

By Sean Sanders
Summer time means spending hours outdoors and letting the sunshine in after being cooped up during the long winter. This is about the time when you just want to open all windows and doors and have a perfect view of your patio and the sky. Patios are a great feature of a home to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.

French Doors - A Beautiful Addition in PVC Or Wood

By Ramsey Lynn
French doors project a light and airy feel into a room, and PVC french doors, or doors made from rigid polyvinyl chloride instead of wood, can be just as attractive as natural materials. French doors are a practical addition to a home. The large space opened up by the French doors creates a blending of the inside and the outside, as well as a large area of access to the home.

Window Treatments For French Doors

By Lance K. Anthony
With so many different styles of windows available, it only makes common sense that manufacturers come up with window treatments to suit all the styles. Homeowners often wonder what choices they have in finding window treatments for French doors. There are many options to choose from and you can customize them to suit your individual taste and the decor of the room. You do need to research the many styles available as well as the service provided by the retailer before you actually spend any amount of money.

Beautiful and Distinctive External Doors

By John A Holland
The first thing a person sees when they visit your home is obviously its exterior but when they come to knock on your door, the first thing they will properly see is your external front door. Beautiful and distinctive external doors can say a lot about the person or people living inside the property.

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